The Haute-Saône region: a paradise for those who love nature and fishing…

Family atmosphere and wide choice of leisure pursuits: games area for children, hiking or bike rides, snowshoeing, fishing in the numerous lakes and rivers
in this part of the Vosges, rich in salmonids and carnivorous fish (carp, pike, pike-perch etc). Fly fishing enthusiasts will be keen to surprise the brown trout in the fast-flowing waters of the Rahin, Ognon and Saône rivers.
Nearby:  the Notre-Dame du Haut Chapel (a masterpiece by Le Corbusier),
the Mining Museum at Ronchamp, the Chateau de Villersexel, Luxeuil-les-Bains with its golf course, Belfort and its citadel, and so much more.
In winter: cross-country skiing and relaxing skiing at La Planche-des-Belles-Filles (altitude 1000m) 15km from the hotel, and invigorating walks overlooking
the valley of Plancher-les-Mines.

Our visit

La Haute-Saône, Ronchamp...

Notre Dame-du-haut
Notre Dame-du-haut, la nuit
Le musée de la mine
La maison de la Négritude
Le Plateau des Milles Étangs